Who am I

My name is Diego Ricardo, and I am a full stack developer and a tech enthusiast.

I currently live in the Bay Area, California and I am 18 years old.


What I Do

I graduated from Dublin High School in May of 2021 and I am currently enrolled at a local college.

In the past, I have done Java-based plugin development for Minecraft servers running Spigot/Craftbukkit technologies.

Currently, I am personally studying OpenGL and frontend/backend web development.


Pixely Engine 2

Pixely Engine 2(PE2) is a remake of my old Java game engine, which I wrote in 2017. This version is written in Scala, and is much more organized and will be built to be used more.

This project can be built using SBT, and controls are listed on the README.md on GitHub.

GitHub page
Lighting render by PixelyEngine2
Lighting layer in PE2 with 4 point lights and a sky light


Chatter is a simple TCP-based communication client and server app. There are commands for banning users, broadcasting messages, managing active connections, etc., in addition to client-side commands.

Compiled jar files to run this project are included on the GitHub page, along with a crossword generator and pong and snake games.

GitHub page for Chatter + other Java projects
Server and client terminal and GUI for Chatter
Client(on the left) sending a message, receiving a server broadcast, and testing ping, with the server(on the right) reflecting this.

Towers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi(or Tower of Hanoi) is a simple puzzle which involves 3 pegs, and n amount of disks. The objective is to arrange all the disks from the left pole to the right pole, but you can only move a smaller disk onto a larger disk.

An online form of it can be found here or you can upload it to your own server. The GitHub page also includes other frontend projects, such as my uploads viewer website and minecraft server manager website.

GitHub page for Towers of Hanoi + other Frontend projects
Server and client terminal and GUI for Chatter
Starting position for a Towers of Hanoi where n=7.